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Has been created with the idea of uniting Black Belts and Athletes World-wide with the idea of teaching the Warriors Way (BUSHIDO) in every school. The idea of Kuro Obi International is to unify every Grandmaster, Hanshi, Shihan, Kancho, Guachannim, Sabonnim, Master, Instructor, Teacher from all over the world and from every system to share the knowledge.

Our idea is to help build a better Martial Arts society without the petty strife’s that have separated us for decades, we were meant to live as ONE. And according to the Warrior’s Code we should always following the Seven Virtues of BUSHIDO.

We are creating a Social Media network just for Martial Artist, where you will be able to share your thoughts, wisdom and any information that helps others become better as people then as fighters. Together we have the knowledge and the skills to make this a better World. Join our Social Media network Kuro Obi International and start to make a difference in others people’s life. We do require that you sign up, and prove that you are a real Kuro Obi(Black Belt). This is a step for a better future for Martial Arts in General. Thank you and we will see you in our Social Media. Oss


Shihan Jorge A. Borjas

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